Download a Preview Of My New Book ALL THINGS GO

ALL THINGS GO by Eric Durchholz How I Became A Shaman Download PDF

As I get ready for the book #allthingsgo to be published check out #flipwitch on #itunes which is pretty much a prequel ;)

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When You Have A Strong Sense Of Self

When You Have A Strong Sense Of Self

People can say anything they want about you because when you know yourself 100% it rarely matters what others believe or perceive.

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Update for the weird white women stalkers…. I am having lunch. (at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe)

This was spring rolls. (at Banh Mi & Co)

Helping someone move today. I love helping people move. I love helping people period for in helping others you truly help yourself. It’s kind of selfish if you think too hard about it. Much love from your friendly neighborhood #shaman #divineinvasion (at Wayne Lofts)

Selfie on a swing

Excellent #divineinvasion

I am at #peace on the #ground in the park. The DNOTS is over. This feels like a vacation #rehab